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John J. Oliver is star of the Court TV series "Haunting Evidence" and star of the Japanese television show "FBI Psychic Investigator".

John J. Oliver

What people are saying about John J. Oliver
What people are saying about John J. Oliver

"I consulted my audience Warmth-o-Meter: The needle was buried in 'Adoring.' He had been on stage less than 10 minutes." - Style Weekly Magazine

"His psychic powers are in demand" - Boston Globe

"On a clear day, he can see Wall Street" - Entrepreneur Magazine

"He can see for miles" - LiveWire Magazine

John J. Oliver is an established, professional psychic available for speaking engagements, personal consultations, and psychic investigations for law enforcement.

Pendulums from John J. Oliver

Price: $19.95 + $5.00 shipping / handling

Pendulums from John J. Oliver
Pendulums from John J. Oliver

List price: Pendulums are wonderful divination tools. They can be used for insight into most any area in your life, and they are a great friend when it comes to making decisions.

Your package will include:

A unique spiral chrome-plated metal pendulum enclosed in a soft velveteen pouch. Instructions on how to accurately use a pendulum. Plus, an autographed card signed from John J. Oliver. Please click here to order your pendulum today!

Meet John J. Oliver
Meet John J. Oliver

July 26, 2009: Richmond Virginia
Psychic  Healing & Medical Clairvoyance
How To Use Spiritual Energy to Heal Yourself and Others

Sunday July 26,2009,  10:00AM-5:00PM

In this workshop you will learn the basics of human ENERGY DYNAMICS and the metaphysical basis of health and longevity. Learn specific SACRED MOVEMENTS, MEDICAL INTUITION, REMOTE HEALING and the best time and cycles of moon for particular healing. John will give a demonstration of medical clairvoyance on class members and a bonus introduction to the Metaphysics of Youthing Practices.

Everyone has the ability to use psychic healing techniques to help in self-healing and in helping to assist others in healing. Psychic healing is to be used in conjunction with medical treatment as a way of participating in one's own healing process. In this seminar you will learn the supportive mental states to practice in order to help yourself and others in the healing journey.

Tuition: $125 Pre-registered by Wednesday, July 22, 2009,  $155 after.  To register call 804 353 5575 and reserve your space early.

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